Plastic free and eco-friendly products, a gift to our environment

Meet Qualooba Wholesale

Team Qualooba

How it all started...

In the summer of 2020, on a warm evening during our holiday, we sat around the table as a family and the conversation turned to the environment and what we could improve there as individuals.

We hear all the stories and news about our plastic consumption and the plastic we see in nature. Think of the plastic soup in the oceans and microplastics we are finding everywhere, even in the entire food chain. While talking we realized that we had eaten microplastics, again...

That made us feel uncomfortable. The question that came up was what we could do here as individuals and as a family. We cannot solve the big problems, but we can certainly make a contribution at home!

This is how the idea arose to get started with this and to set up a company for this. Because if we can contribute to improving the environment, others can too. And we want to support that.

To support you, we are running a webshop for consumers. Moreover, in 2022 we expanded by starting a wholesale branch as well, with products for the hospitality branch, to make sure we reduce the plastic waste in that industry together .

Our vision

Our vision

Our vision, our big goal, is to create a 100% plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle at your home, at ours, and in the hospitality industry!

Now you might think: 'why then at everyone's individual house?' We are convinced that if we start at home in our own household, we can have a lot of impact. We all have activities at home that you perform every day, maybe even several times a day, like brushing your teeth. If you manage to make those activities plastic-free and more sustainable, you will have an impact every single day. You will produce less waste on a daily basis that contains a lot of (micro) plastics.

The same goes for the hospitality sector. It's a large sector where a lot of plastics are being used. Lets start reducing plastic waste there as well.

And in this way we all help to reduce the amount of waste, together we ensure that much less (micro) plastics end up in the environment. SImply put: we don't have to clean up the waste we don't produce!

Our mission and passion

Our mission

Our mission is short, but powerful: Sustainable and green, easy to do!

It often seems more complicated than it is, this sustainable and environmentally friendly living. When we, team Qualooba, look at ourselves, we often didn't know where to start, we only saw difficulties, we thought it would probably be very expensive or we just didn't dare to change. But it still gnawed, we still wanted to do something.

And so we went out on a limb and got to work. We are still finding out more and see that it is not difficult at all! That it is even according to the latest trends and that you can actually save money in the process.
We want to take you along in our quest and share our experiences with everyone, so that more and more people will come to the same conclusion: sustainable and green living is actually very simple.

We have noticed that it is possible! Our mission has become our passion. Are you joining us?

Our core values

Our core values

Our most important core values, which describe what we stand for, are:

  • Reliability. We are honest, open and transparent about our products.
  • Quality. We do not compromise on our products. We have tested the products we sell ourselves, they are of good quality.
  • Sustainability. We want to leave the world a bit better and cleaner.
  • Passion. We have a passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship. We stand for what we do.
  • Responsibility. We feel responsible for the environment and take up that responsibility. If we don't do it, who will?

Our wholesale team

Emma, owner and founder


Owner and founder, sales, marketing and social media

François, owner and founder


Owner and founder, sales and (technical) support