Plastic free and eco-friendly products, a gift to our environment

Qualooba Wholesale

A sustainable future starts today!

Do you want to reduce the amount of plastic waste 

in our households and the hospitality industry together with us?

Then please keep on reading.

Coffee grounds

Let's reuse your coffee grounds

What do you do with your coffee grounds? Do you offer coffee in your restaurant, bar or café and then dispose the coffee grounds? Pretty wasteful, right? We have a great solution for you!

With your coffee grounds, we will create a beautiful and gentle scrub soap. This way, coffee grounds are not wasted but used as a raw material for a lovely new sustainable product. We offer this soap to you as a white-label product, allowing you to sell it to your customers under your own brand name. This not only turns coffee grounds into a valuable resource but also generates additional revenue for you, contributing to a more circular economy!

Does this excite you and do you think this might be something for your business? Then contact us via the contact form. We would love to discuss all the possibilities with you.

Grand opening

Official Launch!

Today, January 2nd 2024, we are officially launching our new company Qualooba Wholesale! 

This company, a sister of Qualooba, is the new wholesaler which sells eco-friendly and sustainale products in the retail market and hospitality sector. In this new company Puur Zeep Natuurlijk and Qualooba are joining forces. From now on, Qualooba Wholesale will service the B2B-customers of both Puur Zeep Natuurlijk and Qualooba.

We started all preparations in September last year, but at last we can share this great news with all of you!

Team Qualooba Wholesale

About us

Qualooba Wholesale is  a wholesaler that produces and purchases environmentally friendly products and sells them to retailers and the hospitality industry. It was founded by Emma, Marieke en François in december 2023. 

We have set ourselves the goal of realizing a 100% plastic-free, sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle, in our and your household and in the hospitality industry.

That is why we are constantly looking for new plastic-free products. Let's take up the responsibility together to make our environment cleaner!

Our products:

Valentine's day

Valentine's Day

Beautiful sustainable and eco-friendly 

gift sets for Valentine's Day 2024

Pasta straws in different colors

Pasta Straws

Plastic-free, eco friendly and sustainable pasta straws. 

100% straw, 0% plastics!

QualooBars, 100% plastic-free and eco friendly soap bars

Guest soaps

100% Plastic free, eco friendly guest soaps. No plastics, silicones, parabens, SLS or SLES
Sustainable gift packages

Gift packages

Plastic-free, eco friendly and sustainable gift sets. A present with a special message!