Plastic free and eco-friendly products, a gift to our environment

Qualooba Wholesale

A sustainable future starts today!

Do you want to reduce the amount of plastic waste 

in the hospitality industry together with us?

Then please keep on reading.

Team Qualooba Wholesale

About us

Qualooba Wholesale is the sister company of Qualooba, a young family owned company, founded by  Emma and François Ruiter. 

We have set ourselves the goal of realizing a 100% plastic-free, sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle, in our and your household and in the hospitality industry.

That is why we are constantly looking for new plastic-free products. Let's take up the responsibility together to make our environment cleaner!

Our products:

Pasta straws in different colors

Pasta Straws

Plastic-free, eco friendly and sustainable pasta straws. 

100% straw, 0% plastics!

QualooBars, 100% plastic-free and eco friendly soap bars

Guest soaps

100% Plastic free, eco friendly guest soaps. No plastics, silicones, parabens, SLS or SLES
Sustainable gift packages

Gift packages

Plastic-free, eco friendly and sustainable gift sets. A present with a special message!