Puur Zeep Natuurlijk
and Qualooba join forces!

Team Qualooba Wholesale

Puur Zeep Natuurlijk & Qualooba join forces!

Enschede, January 2nd 2024 - Puur Zeep Natuurlijk and Qualooba join forces in the newly established wholesaler Qualooba Wholesale. The wholesaler produces and sells products to make the household more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Puur Zeep Natuurlijk and Qualooba have been working together for three years. “We know what beautiful care products Puur Zeep Natuurlijk has to offer,” says François Ruiter, co-founder of Qualooba. “Puur Zeep Natuuriijk offers products of high and consistent quality that are very popular with our customers. These fit perfectly into our range to make the entire household more environmentally friendly and sustainable. That is precisely why we are convinced that this merger will offer our joint customers a lot of added value.”

Marieke Slaghuis, founder and owner of Puur Zeep Natuurlijk, is closing her own company and takes her knowledge and experience in producing sustainable care products with her as co-founder of Qualooba Wholesale. “I noticed that I mainly want to focus on my great passion, making soap and other care products. That's why it was time to join colleagues who have more passion for sales and marketing. It was crucial that they were colleagues with the same way of thinking and objectives to further shape the greening of the household. I found these colleagues in Emma and François Ruiter from Qualooba.”

Together we are stronger!

“As colleagues we notice that we strengthen each other, we already have many ideas for the near future. We also complement each other perfectly in terms of talents!”, says Emma Ruiter, the other co-owner of Qualooba. “This offers many opportunities for the future, in which we will offer a wide range of products to our customers. This made it not a difficult decision to establish Qualooba Wholesale together.”

Focus on market needs

“By splitting the activities for the consumer market and those for the wholesale market (for the retail market and catering), we can focus more on the specific requirements and wishes of our customers within both companies,” says François. “Qualooba will continue to serve its own customers and the consumers of Puur Zeep Natuurlijk. The B2B customers of Qualooba and Puur Zeep Natuurlijk will from now on be serviced by Qualooba Wholesale.”

More about Qualooba Wholesale

Qualooba Wholesale is a brand that stands for sustainability. The motto of the wholesaler is 'Environmentally friendly living made easy'. The objective is to offer a wide range of products at a reasonable price, making it very easy to make the household environmentally friendly and sustainable. All this in a fun way, because sustainable certainly does not have to be gray and boring.