Plastic-free and eco friendly pasta straws

Sustainable and edible pasta straws

100% straw, 0% plastic!

Sea ​​turtle with plastic straw

Did you know...

...that we use about 36.4 billion straws per year in Europe? (Plastic Soup Foundation). Really, over 36 billion straws, mostly made of plastic...

If you look at the total amount of plastic waste, this is not too bad in terms of volume. But those straws end up everywhere, are eaten by animals, or injure these animals. You may have seen the video where a biologist has to remove a straw from the nose of a sea turtle. Terrible to watch, as far as we're concerned. This is what can happen to straws if we just throw them behind us. We can't let that happen together, can we?

A very good alternative that we have found is a 100% plastic-free, sustainable and edible straw. Straws made of pasta! This way you can enjoy a nice drink with a straw, but you do not produce any plastic waste. You can read more about it on this page.

Ingredients - corn flour

Why pasta?

For a sustainable alternative to plastic straws, we looked for a product that is made with natural and sustainable ingredients. Pasta is then a nice base, it is nothing more than flour and water, it couldn't be more sustainable.

The used pasta is made from corn flour. The advantage of this is that no wheat is used that is needed for the food industry.

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100% Plastic-free

These straws are made from 100% corn flour.

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100% Vegan

The straws are made from pure corn flour and water and do not contain any genetically modified material.

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Our straws consist of 100% organic pasta. After use, you throw them in the organic waste bin.

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The straws do not break apart in cold drinks for about 1 hour.

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The straws do not impart any flavour to your drink.

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Our pasta straws are gluten-free and therefore suitable for everyone.

Paper straws

Pasta beats paper!

Paper straws have been around for quite some time as an alternative to plastic. A tricky habit of paper, at least for straws, is that paper absorbs moisture, then softens and ultimately falls apart.

The industry solved this issue by adding a coating of chemicals to prevent them falling apart. However, this coating is not sustainable and therefore they must be disposed of with the residual waste.

Our pasta straws do not need this chemical process; the straws do not fall apart in cold drinks for about one hour. All this without chemical additives. This makes pasta a better and more sustainable alternative than paper!

Straws of stainless steel

Pasta straws vs. 

reusable straws

In addition to disposable straws, there are also reusable straws, for example made of stainless steel, glass or bamboo.

However, these straws have one major drawback. Reusability means you have to clean them, preferably with the supplied brushes. Proper cleaning is important for hygiene reasons, for example, think of lipstick that can remain on the straws or someone with a cold sore spreading the infection. The time required for proper cleaning, together with the high costs of purchasing the reusable straws and personnel, make this variant less suitable for the hospitality industry.

All our straws are colored naturally

Ingredients - corn flour

Yellow straws

The yellow straws owe their color to the corn flour.

Ingredients - black rice

Black straws

Our black straws are colored with black rice.

Ingredients - beetroot

Red straws

The red straws are colored with beet root.
Several drinks with pasta straws

The optimal customer experience!

By offering your delicious drinks to your customers in combination with a pasta straw, you offer your customers a great experience:

  • The pasta straws do not fall apart for one hour, so plenty of time to enjoy the drink.
  • The straw does not stick to the lips and has a pleasant mouthfeel.
  • The pasta straws do not give off any flavour, the taste of the drink remains optimal.
  • The straws are 100% organic and gluten-free, all your customers can use the straws. No difficult questions and complicated answers 😊.
  • A drink with a straw made of pasta looks cheerful and festive!

Our straws in 3 Unique Selling Points

Pasta straws in different colors


Our pasta straws are 100% plastic-free, because as the name suggests, they are made from pasta (from 100% corn flour).

Child enjoys a drink with pasta straw

A pleasant mouthfeel!

The pasta straws feel nice in your mouth. Solid, but not too hard and they don't stick to your lips.

Recycling is easy

Easy to recycle!

The pasta straws are intended for single use. After use, you throw them in the organic waste bin.

Plastic free and eco-friendly products, a gift to our environment

A sustainable future starts today!

As team Qualooba, we are convinced that your high-quality drinks and our pasta straws are the perfect combination for your customers. If this is of interest to you, we would be happy to explain this in a conversation. If you want to test the straws first, this is of course possible!

This is what others say about our straws:

Qualooba Wholesale
Review by Fran, October 26th 2021

Exactly what I was looking for. Do not impart any taste to the drink and do not soften. I wanted to be able to keep drinking out of straws, but wanted something different than plastic. And when I finish my drink, I can eat the straw too.

Qualooba Wholesale
Review by Jos, May 2nd 2022

Get rid of the plastic straws!
Have tested the sustainable and edible straws at school with the children. Everyone was very excited! Everyone wanted to know everything about these amazing straws! Get rid of the plastic straws! Well done Qualooba!!! Long live the sustainable and edible straws!!!

Qualooba Wholesale
Review by Elise, May 5th 2022

Pasta straws, great idea!
What a nice sustainable alternative to plastic straws! The straws remain solid for a long time and do not give off any flavour. Really a great idea!

Try our products first

Try it first?

Would you first like to try whether our pasta straws are suitable, or whether it suits your business? That is possible, of course!

We have test sets available with all pasta straws. Please use the button below to order a free set.