Do you also want to offer your customers 

a sustainable and trendy drink?

Two drinks with pasta straws

Then quickly order a free test package with plastic-free, sustainable and gluten-free pasta straws in several lengths and colours. Your delicious drinks and our environmentally friendly straws form an unbeatable combination. Cheers!

  • No more plastic waste, our pasta straws are 100% plastic-free.
  • The pasta straws have a pleasant mouthfeel. Solid, but not too hard and they don't stick to your lips.
  • The straws do not break apart in cold drinks for about 1 hour.
  • The straws are 100% vegan, they are made from pure corn flour. Flour and water, pure nature!
  • The straws are 100% gluten-free and contain no genetically modified material.
  • The straws are biodegradable, after use you can throw them away in the organic waste bin.
  • The straws are tasteless, they do not impart any flavor to the drinks.

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